As far back as I can remember and viewed from family photos, too young to even remember myself, I was painting with water on the sidewalks at my Grandparents home. I have been creating with water “or not”, forever. I’ve dabbled in finger paints, small primary color paint pallets, clay (both slab and throwing), carding, spinning and dyeing woolen yarns from natural plants, lino and woodcuts for printing, and many other mediums.  

My work has grown from the use of acrylics on their own, and with glazes, to the inclusion of metallic paints either on their own, with glazes and with aging agents. I paint designs of traditional nature to modern creations.  Custom work is my favorite, working with the client and pulling colors and likes together.

My passion of creating for others has carried me through the years. I enjoy sharing my ideas with others who enjoy my style.

Thank you for visiting my site,

Cindy R. Sams